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Our search marketing strategy is completely bespoke to each and every client, so no two client strategies are the same, however the principle is straightforward:

To produce the greatest possible user experience on your website, we leverage a wide variety of data and know-how.

Then we produce engaging, newsworthy, and shareable material and launch a focused online PR & outreach campaign to generate high-quality links and online visibility.

All of this is built on a foundation of industry-leading onsite optimisation and in-depth data-driven research.

Because we follow Google Webmaster Guidelines, our clients are assured that their results will be safe and effective.

A typical SEO Campaign with Hero SEO

We specialise in fully managed SEO. This means we can take care of all aspects of your SEO campaign from copywriting and landing page development to link building and press releases. We include everything you need to get your site ranking in the search engines.

To begin, we do extensive keyword research to determine the ideal keywords for you to target.
Following that, we’ll conduct a complete SEO site assessment to ensure there’s nothing impeding the site’s ability to rank as well as it could; based on this, we’ll devise the best approach moving ahead.
We will also assist you in setting up Google Analytics and Search Console if you haven’t already done so.

We will execute various task each month based on the findings of the audit and the agreed-upon plan; this may vary somewhat from month to month depending on performance and your individual needs.

For example, one month we could focus on on-site work or copywriting, while the next month we might focus on backlink development, depending on what’s needed at the time.

Tasks that are typically assigned on a monthly basis include:

  • Meta titles and page headers optimisation
  • Correcting on-site SEO issues discovered during the audit
  • Make sure pages or blog posts fulfill keyword and quantity criteria, SEO copywriting is used.
  • Backlink creation from a variety of sources, including blog outreach and local business citations

The cost is determined by the amount and difficulty of the keywords you want to target, your expectations and time frame.

A client selling insurance throughout the country, for example, is in a far more competitive market and has more work to do than someone selling antique clocks in Warwickshire.

Please contact us if you are unclear of your competition level so that we can assist you.


The Sky's The Limit

We design one-of-a-kind SEO campaigns to help your company grow.

HERO SEO is widely recognised as one of the finest SEO firms in the UK

We deal with both large and small enterprises, ranging from globally recognised brands, blue chip firms to medium-sized and tiny, local businesses.

Our carefully selected staff has extensive expertise in a variety of sectors and industries, and our success rates are phenomenal: among the highest in the business.

By significantly boosting search engine exposure, we aim to generate highly focused and relevant visitors to our clients’ websites.

We then seek to improve the amount of conversions on those websites, so that the increased traffic results in more sales and more


Proven results from over 1000 clients. We have an enviable reputation being able to deliver the highest quality SEO services.


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We are Google ads certified search specialists and have outstanding conversion results for our clients.

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Well considering you are here it’s likely something you are in need of.  To put simply, your competetors are most likely doing some sort of SEO, so unless you keep up with them it’s likely that you will loose out.

SEO is all about helping Google to better understand your website, while also increasing your authority so you start appearing for the search terms that are most valuable to your business.

The practise of optimising your website so that it ranks better in search engines is known as SEO.

But, exactly, how does SEO work?

Google’s algorithms employ over 200 ranking criteria to rank websites depending on the relevancy and authority of their pages.

Google strives to provide the most relevant response from the most reliable source in the most user-friendly way.

To be successful with SEO, you must make sure that your content is the most relevant result for a given search query and that your website is seen as a reliable, authoritative source.

There are several reasons why your website may not be ranking on Google.
But first, go to Google and conduct a site search for your business to check to see if it’s actually indexed. You can type the following in to the Google search box

“site:heroseo.co.uk,” for example. Replace heroseo.co.uk for your own site.

You’ll know your site is indexed if you see your web pages listed.

There might be a number of reasons why your website isn’t ranking well:

  • Your site is young and lacks the authority required to rank for competitive search terms.You can’t just build a website and expect to rank for your goal keywords right away; you have to prove that you deserve to be there.
  • In comparison to the pages that rank for the query, your content does not fit the searcher’s purpose or lacks in-depth research or quality.

If you don’t see any of your website’s pages mentioned, it hasn’t been indexed yet.

This might be due to a variety of factors, including:

  • Your website either instructs search engines not to index it or blocks them from crawling it (typically in the robots.txt file) (generally using noindex tags). If you clear these barriers, your site should be indexed.

  • Your site was just launched (a few days or weeks ago), and you haven’t submitted it to Google or linked to it, so it hasn’t been indexed yet.Create a Google Search Console account and submit a request for indexing.

  • For breaching Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, your site has earned a site-wide manual penalty.

You may have heard that websites that breach Google’s webmaster rules face penalties.
At least in terms of webmasters, there are two sorts of penalties:

Penalties for manual action

Penalties based on algorithms (adjustments)

Algorithmic penalties (or modifications) aren’t technically punishments.
They’re the outcome of a site’s rankings shifting as a result of an algorithm (such as the Panda and Penguin algorithms) screening a site for possible manipulation of the results

Algorithmic Modifications

On the other hand, algorithmic filtering is a totally automated component of Google’s ranking algorithm.Google’s algorithms and software can identify a specific amount of manipulations, or what they believe to be manipulations, on any portion of a page and “filter” it appropriately.If your site loses positions as a consequence of algorithmic screening, you will not receive any notifications or alerts.

As is the case with many SEOs, the answer is: it depends.

The days of establishing a website, tweaking title tags, and ranking in a few weeks are long gone. You can’t expect a website to rank for competitive search queries the moment it goes live.

Google ranks relevant sites that have built up authority over time, thus it takes time for a website to perform organically.

You must earn your way to the top of Google and prove that you are deserving of that position.

As a basic rule of thumb, anywhere between six months to one year, although this is very dependent on the amount of resources you devote to your approach, the level of competition, and what others who compete for the same inquiries are doing.

Ranking for a local keyword (e.g., plumber in ) may take months, but ranking a new website for, example, the term “laptops” could take years.

And Google’s John Mueller recently said that it could take up to a year for them to figure out where a new site should rank, and that fluctuations are expected during this timeframe.

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