SEO for online jewellers: 11 top 3 positions in 6 months

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Susannah Lovis specialises in antique and vintage jewellery from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco periods. The results below are from the past 6 months and reflect how well the website is performing in the search engines. This includes a boost in online traffic to the website, keywords searches and improvements all made possible thanks to our managed SEO service.

The performance of the website has seen a huge increase overall. There have been improvements to the number of keywords in the top 3, 10 and 30 positions in search engines. Our report covers activity between November 2020 and May 2021, a period when there was great uncertainty and businesses faced overwhelming challenges due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, despite this the search engine visibility for Susannah Lovis has increased by a huge 44.4% to 44.8%.

The average position in search engines for the website is on the first page of search engines at the number 10 spot. There has been a huge rise in distribution of top positions in the 4 to 10 bracket.

The site has 12 keywords among the top 3, which is a rise of 11, 30 in the top 10, an increase of 29 and 38 in the top 30, a rise of 33.

Keywords improvements

Keywords have made a significant rise under our managed SEO service. The following are the top five keywords that have seen rises in Google search engine during the period 1 December to 1 May:

  • Vintage cufflinks resides in the number 2 position
  • Vintage Cartier rings sits at position number 2
  • Vintage Cartier takes number 2 position
  • Vintage cufflinks UK is at number 2
  • Selling antique jewelry is in the number 3 position.

Website traffic

At its peak, this saw a rise up to 500 sessions in a single day. Overall, there was a rise of 51.2% sessions and an increase of 52.9% page views, with a rise of 48.3% of users.

There have also been increases in Bing results, including page view increases of 122.1% on Bing, an increase of 87.3% users and 101.7% sessions. There have also been increases in page views, users and sessions on other search engines.

Overall, traffic has increased consistently on a steady basis throughout the year with a rise of more than 50% in Google sessions up to 28.7K. Goals for the website increased by a huge 88.8%

How we achieved this

As you can see even throughout an extremely challenging year thanks to our managed SEO package Susannah Lovis website has come through with some great results. We achieved these results through writing engaging and keyword optimised blog posts on a weekly basis along with including outreach and backlink strategies on popular blog of high quality which receive good traffic.

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