SEO for kitchen design company: 220% Traffic Improvment

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Sheraton Interiors

Sheraton Interiors is a company that designs kitchens and bedrooms, offering free design consultations, home visits and a design studio to help create bespoke designs for their clients. The pasts years results show how well their website is performing in search engine results, with online traffic to their site and with their keyword searches as a result of our managed SEO service.

Overall, there has been a huge increase in the website’s performance, including increases in overall SERP rankings, search visibility, keyword positions and organic traffic to the site. Our latest report covers the period between May 2020 and May 2021, during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic. Despite the overwhelming challenges faced by organisations during this period, the overall website search visibility for Sheraton Interiors has increased to 45.4%, an increase of 45.3%.

The website’s average online position on search engines is 21, an increase of 33. In the space of a single year, this is a significant increase. Visibility is crucial during this time period, as the requirement for people to work from home has led to an increase in people undertaking home improvement projects, which has increased business for organisations that offer such products.

There were seven keywords that appeared in the Top 3 search engine results, whereas before there were none in the Top 3. Keywords in the Top 10 increased from 3 to 22, and keywords in the Top 30 increased from 6 to 42. This is a high increase in visibility for Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


Keyword improvements

The below five keywords are the ones that moved up the most positions during the period covered by the SEO report:

  • ‘Farrow and Ball painted kitchens’ has improved by 84 positions, moving up to position 8
  • ‘German kitchens’ has improved by 69 positions, moving up to position 10
  • ‘Painted kitchens’ has improved by 64 positions, moving up to position 15
  • ‘Best shaker kitchens’ has improved by 60 positions, moving up to position 6
  • ‘Wooden shaker kitchens’ has improved by 35 positions, moving up to position 28



Traffic to the site on Google has consistently increased. 24 weeks prior to the publication of the report, the traffic figures sat at 70 sessions per day. Within 12 weeks this had increased by 24 sessions per day, and after another 8 weeks increased by 22 to a total of 116 sessions per day. As of the time of the latest report, the total traffic numbers were 139. There were some minor increases in other search engines with a total traffic number of 150 at the time of the report. Overall, this shows a steady increase in traffic numbers and a positive upwards trend.

Over the course of 1 year, we have increased overall Google sessions by 220.3%. Users had increased by 231.6%, and page views had increased by 318.8%. Google accounts for 97% of all of the organic traffic to the site.

For Bing, sessions had increased by 486%, users had increased by 468.9% and page views increased by 753.1%. Bing accounts for 3% of all organic traffic to the site.


How this was achieved

As part of our managed SEO package we wrote keyword optimised and engaging blog posts on a weekly basis. This was backed up by a diverse backlink and outreach strategy, concentrating on high quality and popular blogs with good amounts of traffic.

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