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Andy – Lead SEO Consultant

Stephanie – Lead SEO Content Writer

In these difficult times you need to make sure your website is being found and not your competition.

We are a small SEO & digital marketing consultancy with over 18 years experience in the industry. We have worked with over 900 businesses, on over 1400 projects and have  800+ independent reviews at an average rating of 99% on PeoplePerHour.com  – you can see our profile here

We are consistently one of the top-rated SEO providers in the UK and have achieved numerous high-ranking positions on Google for our clients.

With in house technical SEO expertise and content creation specialists we are able to take your website to the next level.

All of our work is completed manually and in accordance with SEO best practices. This ensures the utmost quality and to avoid any chance of a penalty being applied.

With our teams background in website development and extensive SEO content writing experience, we have a deep understanding of how to optimise websites. We not only deliver on a technical level, but we also produce engaging, compelling and SEO-centric content and provide outstanding offsite SEO services.

With our extensive experience and independent reviews, we are able to offer a complete SEO service to boost your rankings.

We work with top established brands and startups alike to provide real, tangible results. Already we have helped hundreds of businesses to achieve page-one search engine results, driving hundreds of thousands of visitors to their sites. Want some proof? See our portfolio or email us for more details.


Why Work With Us?


There are lots of people who claim to be able to do SEO; in fact, I’m sure your web developer has assured you that your site was 100% SEO friendly. However, there is a lot more to SEO than most people realise, and you probably wouldn’t be here if you were happy with your rankings.

There are very few providers who can actually make a real difference to your rankings.

What Makes Us Different?

We have worked with over 1000 clients across the UK and internationally and have achieved numerous top three and many hundreds of top 10 positions for our clients. We work from the ground up, firstly ensuring your website is perfectly optimised and working with you to put in place an on-going strategy that produces real results. All of our work is fully documented, and we provide full reports of how your website is doing alongside all of the work that we have completed.

Bespoke SEO Audits

Find out what’s really holding you back

Bespoke seo audits are our core service at Hero seo. We recommend all of our clients have a full, manual seo audit completed on their site before starting on any seo campaign. Our in-depth audits are typically 20-30 pages long with detailed information about the issues we’ve found and the best way to go about fixing them. Once we know why your site isn’t ranking as well as it could we can put together a plan to get your site ranking at the top of the search engines.

We truly believe our SEO audits offer huge value to our clients and can help prevent thousands spent in wasted SEO efforts and time spent in the wrong direction.

Why You Need An SEO Audit

With roughly 7 billion online searches happening every single day, and 75% of searchers never looking further than the first results page, SEO is more important than ever. An SEO audit can help your website to rank higher in the search results and help your business reach more potential customers.

An SEO audit is a vital addition to any SEO campaign to ensure your efforts are focused in the right direction. The audit will  provide solutions and ideas of what you need to do to move your site up in the rankings and beat the competition.

If you are wondering if an SEO audit is really a worthwhile investment, and how it could benefit your business, then you have come to the right place. We are sharing the top 5 reasons why you need an SEO audit and how it could help your business flourish.

Five Reasons Why You Need An SEO Audit

1.      Algorithms Are Always Changing

Many businesses think that because their website was optimised for SEO when it was built all those years ago, it will still be optimised today. Search engines change their ranking algorithms all the time, and websites must keep up.

For example, in the past year, over 53% of all online traffic was from a mobile device. Just 43% of traffic was from a desktop. Google and other search engines now favour mobile-first content over desktop; an algorithm change only introduced recently.

The reason behind these constant algorithm changes is to provide a better user experience, but it can mean many businesses see a sudden drop in traffic. An SEO audit will ensure that you have a website that is up to the date and compliant with the most recent changes.

2.      Identify Technical Issues

You might have the best-looking website in the world, but it won’t rank highly in search engines if the technical side is a mess. Technical SEO is used to help search engines crawl your website and find the information it needs. An SEO audit will look into:

  • Speed: Google and other search engines will take into consideration the speed it takes your website to load when it chooses your results position. This is because they prioritise user experience above all else, and no one wants to wait for a slow website to load. You could have the best content in the world, but it is irrelevant if visitors bounce before it loads.
  • Errors: Error pages should not be anywhere on your website, but they can happen over time as content changes. An SEO audit can identify these so you can remove and fix these issues. Redirects should also be kept to a minimum and can affect search engine rankings.
  • Site Architecture: Search engines such as Google will look for a cohesive site architecture when crawling, and it helps users to find exactly what they are looking for. Subfolders should be used, and URLs should stay descriptive but short.

3.      Quick Fix For On-Page Technical Issues

When it comes to SEO, there are some issues that an SEO expert can rectify very quickly and easily. During an SEO audit,  an expert will review aspects such as meta descriptions and titles, headers and overall content. All of these things impact how your website ranks online and optimising them can help improve your overall visibility online.

Meta descriptions and titles should be the correct lengths and be informative yet engaging. Content on your website is one of the most important aspects of SEO. It should focus on you main target keywords without overuse.

4.      Get To Know Your Competition

An SEO audit can help you to really get to know what your competitors are doing online, and what is working well for them. You can gain valuable insights into their websites and identify their weaknesses and strengths. This is great for learning which keywords are working well for them, and you can implement them into your own SEO strategy.

Another tactic is to find keywords that they do not rank well for and focus on boosting your ranking for those to gain the market share they are missing.

5.      Gain Insight To Website Traffic

Your website performance is very important in identifying areas for improvement, and an SEO audit will do precisely that. You can gain insights into impressions, search volumes and URL clicks coming from search results. These can then be used to enhance your ranking and identify what is working well and what needs improvements.

An SEO audit is one of the most effective ways of diagnosing and benchmarking your website for both problems and successes.

Are You Ready To Climb Up The Search Rankings?

If you want to propel your business, increase user experience and improve your search rankings, then get in touch with our team at HeroSEO for your SEO audit.

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SEO and web design for London Window Suppliers

One of our regular clients was launching a new specialst window supply business and asked us to design an SEO friendly website and provide monthly SEO support. By combining the web development and SEO we are able to prefectly optimise the site as we would like to ensure we achieve the best rankings possible We started off providing 2 initial design concepts for the site design for the client to provide feedback on The initial draft designs are below Once feedback had been recieved we then proceeded with creating a

March 5th, 2021|

SEO for sustainable research and development company

Ogab are a UK based R & D company specialising in aerodynamics and sustainable technology. They develop solutions for many sectors including all forms of transport such as trains, planes and automobiles. In addition to this they have an extensive patent portfolio in harnessing energy from the air and sea. Ed from Ogab found our profile on Peopleperhour.com and selected our 3 month SEO plan along with a number of additional options for copywriting. We look forward to working with Ogab over the coming months. You can check out their

November 11th, 2020|

3 Month SEO Client Example

3 Month SEO offer purchased through peopleperhour.com for skin care brand - https://glowupskincare.co.uk/ Overall we dramatically increased rankings in a short period for high traffic keywords as can be found in the report below Glow up skincare report

October 27th, 2020|
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Fantastic – supportive and reliable service, looking forward to the next couple of months working with Andrew for further improvement.

Great Communications and very helpful. Month 1 of a 3 month campaign and will be back for more.
Thanks Andrew.

Luis P, Gear Hooks

Thanks Andy, I’m already starting to see some promising improvements.

Paul L, Lifemat

Very professional, patient and quick to communicate. Highly recommended and a pleasure to work with. Thanks Andy.

Adam R

As ever, fantastic job done by Andy. Everything we asked for & will continue to use in the future. 5*.

Kevin D
Very knowledgeable & professional! Great work, thanks!
Joann L

Perfect! Detailed descriptions of what was wrong and why, and best of all, how to fix them. Highly recommended!


Excellent work, thanks Andrew, very detailed. Will definitely use Andrew’s SEO services again.

Natalie M

Very good job. I saw results in the first month.

Andrew has been brilliant, completed all of the work following his full seo audit. Within weeks we could see the difference on google for website listing. We now have 2 no 1 positions for our keywords and then page 2 on our other key word, this was previously about page 20. Brilliant work.
Andy, Tang Food

I got an SEO website audit from Andrew, hoping that it would give me some direction and understanding of how to improve my rankings, what I didn’t expect was so much detail and written in a way that I can understand it too. I have a lot of work to do now, might just offload some of it back to Andrew 🙂

Joanne S

Andrew Killed it! Damn! 100% worth every penny, will be ordering a lot more. Communication was also superb. 100% recommended,.

John K

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