London branding agency SEO: 167% increase in users in 12 months

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Ikon is a boutique branding and creative agency in London providing services globally and offering a strategic approach and exquisite craft. Below you can see the website results from the past year which shows how well the site has performed in the search engines. After taking on our managed SEO service improvements have been seen in all areas, including keyword rankings, a rise in online traffic and much more.

Ikon has enjoyed great performance increases during the period May 2020 to April 2021. Throughout the year, the website has seen an increase in the top 3, 10 and 30 keyword positions. The results are significant when considering the effects the Coronavirus pandemic has had on the economy and small businesses. Despite a challenging year, the site has seen increased visibility of 13.3%, a rise of 3.6%.

The average keyword position is 32, an increase of 18; while there have been increases in keywords to 27 in the top 3 bracket, a rise of 12, 34 keywords in the top 10, a rise of 12 and 52 keywords among the top 30, a rise of 18.

In short, there have been steady increases and results among keyword distributions over top positions, average position and visibility.

Keyword improvements

Thanks to our managed SEO service, Ikon has enjoyed continuous rises and keyword improvements over the year. The top five keywords that have made the most improvements in Google search during 1 July to 1 March are as follows:

  • Boutique creative agency London is in the number 1 position
  • Property branding agency London is at number 1
  • Boutique creative agency has the number 1 position, rising from 3
  • Boutique agency London is at number 1 position
  • Property branding agencies also takes the number 1 spot.


Website traffic

Organic traffic for Ikons website has managed to overcome the challenges of the year and continued to rise. The peak rise was almost 40 sessions per day while there has been an increase of 129.3% sessions at 4.4K and an increase of users by 167.4% to 3.6K

The site has also seen rises in sessions on other search engines during the period 26 May 2020 to 6 April 2021, with significant rises over the year previous.

How we managed to achieve the results

Despite a very challenging year for the majority of businesses as you can see the results of our managed SEO package are superb and Ikon has done extremely well. The above results were achieved through a combination of keyword optimised and engaging well written blog posts supplied on a weekly basis, combined with our backlink and outreach strategies on high quality and well trafficked blog sites.

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