Create The Best Patient Experience For Online Consultations

With virtual consultations and online appointments becoming vital for businesses, it is now more important than ever to give your patients and clients a high-quality experience that matches your face-to-face appointments and physical practice.

Whether you are serving existing clients or attracting new clients, it is essential to give a professional and seamless experience – worthy of your high business standards. This experience doesn’t start with your video call, but with a professional virtual waiting room for your clients to enjoy.

What Is An Online Waiting Room?

Just like a physical waiting room, an online or virtual waiting room is a place for your clients and patients to get accustomed to your practice. They can firstly check-in for their appointment at your reception desk – this allows you to know that your clients are ready for their appointment. Then they can relax in your virtual waiting room while they wait for you to become available.

During this time, they can click on the various aspects of your waiting room, from posters to the TV to learn more about you and your services.

Why Have A Virtual Practice Waiting Room

Just like a physical waiting room, a virtual waiting room is a great chance to show your clients and patients exactly what’s on offer at your clinic. From upselling to getting to know you, your virtual waiting room can make a huge difference to your clients.

So, why create a virtual waiting room for your online consultations?

Create A Great First Impression

If this is the client’s first experience of your service and practice, then it is essential to make a great first impression. Furthermore, if clients are used to visiting your physical practice and are now choosing to visit you virtually, you want to continue the same high standards and level of experience they have come to expect from you.

Creating a professional and welcoming atmosphere online is just as important as face-to-face.

Reduce Nerves And Calm Anxiety

Whether you are a doctor, therapist or any other profession, it can be completely normal for your patients and clients to feel nervous or anxious before a video appointment. Your physical waiting rooms serves to create a relaxing atmosphere for your guests to relax before their meeting. Your virtual waiting room can create the same experience too. Consider the images, design, layout and colours of your virtual waiting room of how to put your clients at ease and create a calm setting.

A great idea is to use an actual photo of your physical practice as the background for your virtual waiting room. This way, you are creating a seamless, omnichannel experience that serves all of your customers, both existing clients who know your practice and new clients too.

A Better Patient Experience

Studies have shown that an aesthetically pleasing waiting room improves patient opinions about their visit. This can apply to both face-to-face and virtual appointments. By investing in an online waiting room, you create a more wholesome experience for your clients. They get the true clinic experience, rather than an unprofessional hold screen before the video consultation.

Upselling And Advertising

Your waiting room is a great place to display literature about your products and services. This can inspire your clients and they can then ask for further details about the advertised products during your consultation.

With an online waiting room, you can promote, advertise and display prominent information about your products and services. This can lead to upselling, cross-selling and increased brand awareness. From videos on your ‘virtual TV’ to posters on the virtual walls, even magazines on the virtual coffee table, you offer clients the experience to find out more about what you can do for them.

With a simple video call without an online waiting room, you reduce the chance to increase your revenue and promote your products and services. However, if your clients spend just a minute or two exploring your virtual waiting room, you have a chance to introduce new products and services that can benefit their lives and boost your income.


When a client is paying for your services, they expect a professional and high-end experience. This is more than hopping on a call but giving an impression of a specialised and committed video consultation set up. Just as clients will judge an office based on the waiting room experience (e.g. doctors’ surgeries will be inspected for their cleanliness), it is important that you meet your client’s expectation of a professional business set up.

Offering video consultations to your clients can be a fantastic way to boost your revenue and widen your client base. Creating a professional video experience can help to set your business apart and give you a competitive edge.

Integrate with Telemedicine Platforms

Integrating your virtual waiting room with Telemedicine platforms such as is straightforward and easy. Just set up your account and let us know the details.

How Does A Virtual Waiting Room For Online Consultations Work?

If you’re available for pre-booked appointments only;

If you only accept virtual consultations that are booked in advance, then you simply send clients a link to your virtual waiting room when they book the appointment. Once the appointment is booked, send clients the necessary details, confirming the date and time, the link to your waiting room and explain how to check-in when they arrive at the waiting room.

If you’re available for on-demand appointments;

The wonderful thing about your virtual waiting room is that it can be customised to suit your needs. You may wish to deploy a number queue system, so your clients know when they’re next in line. Your clients can simply check-in at your virtual reception desk and then wait in the virtual waiting room until the next member of staff is free for the appointment.

Who Can Benefit From An Online Waiting Room?

At Blue Money, we can fully design, build and customise any virtual waiting room for online consultations to suit every business. If your organisation is offering online consultations and video appointments to clients, then you can benefit from a professional virtual waiting room where you can upsell and promote your business.

From medical practitioners to aesthetic and cosmetic surgeons, to therapists, nutritionists, coaches, accountants, help desks, consultants, personal trainers, and so much more. If you offer virtual services or online consultations, then a stunning online waiting room can make all the difference to your business set up.

Creating Your Personalised Online Virtual Waiting Room

At Hero seo, our team are ready to create a stunning personalised waiting room for all of your video consultations and online appointments. Whether you want to bring your physical waiting room to life in a virtual set-up or would like a brand new waiting space for clients, we can help.

You can fully customise all of your waiting room features from the magazines on the coffee tables, the videos playing on TV, the posters and artwork on the walls to the reception desk and check-in facilities. Whatever you want in your waiting room; we can create the perfect client experience.

Furthermore, we can also advise you of the best online consultation platform to use, depending on your business need. With Hero seo, it has never been easier to create a quality, professional online experience that can drive your upselling and improve the customer experience.