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Our PPC management services are for all businesses however we specialise in notoriously difficult markets such as car insurance and medical practices.

Our expertise in these areas has helpled our clients save hundreds of thousands of pounds in wasted ad spend, whilst increasing performance and conversion rates well above industry standard rates.

The main difficulty in these markets is the massive volume of traffic generated by broad terms phrases as well as the looming presence of comparision sites and big players with massive budgets.

We’ve helped smaller clients effective compete with the big players by laser focused campaign optimisation, conversion rate optimisation and focusing ad spend in the right areas. One of our recent car insurance clients has seen an increadible 98% reduction in cost per enquiry and a 1300% increase in conversion rates, effectively saving them £15000 per week when compared to industry standard rates.

PPC management with Hero SEO

We specialise in fully managed pay per click campaigns. On average we increase the efficiency of our managed PPC campaigns by over 50% and in some cases much, much more depending on how their accounts have been set up. 

Our extensive experience in the insurance and medical industries means we have a unqiue perspective and approach.

Many UK insurance brokers use lead generation copmanies or aggregators which can be hugely expensive.  Typical costs per lead can range from £30-£75 or more.

Compare this to one of our recent car insurance broker clients who’s cost per lead from PPC is as low as £3


Building a campaign is only the first step…

True, anyone can create a PPC campaign, but did you know that insurance PPC is one of the most competitive and costly segments of the market?

Typical cost per enquiry from PPC can be £60 or more and as a result, if your campaigns aren’t set up and maintained properly by a professional, it could be disastrous to your business.

These are the major distinctions between using PPC as a dissapointing and expensiove process to an essential element of your business.

Our lifeblood is PPC management for insurance brokers and unlike other specialists we offer exclusivity contracts meaning we wont work with your competitors or have a conflict of interest.

With our PPC management services, insurance brokers, medical practices and other businesses have been able to lessen their reliance on price comparison websites, lead / call traders, and develop their business on their own terms


The Sky's The Limit

We Create Unique PPC campaigns to Outperform the competition

 Our Google certified staff specialises in pay-per-click (PPC) insurance marketing.

We mix knowledge and technology to offer outcomes in a wide range of insurance products, from the most esoteric to standard personal products

Our main strategy is to lower the cost per aquisition while increasing volume and conversion rates.

Our experience with managing PPC campaigns for insurance brokers means we can effectively help our clients and exceed industry standards.

We will make an immediate difference to your insurance business, whether you have never run a PPC advertising campaign before or have a marketing team and digital media spending surpassing £100k per month.


Proven results from over 1000 clients. We have an enviable reputation being able to deliver the highest quality SEO services.


Needs some help with you in house SEO? Our consultation service can show you everything you need to do to get the results you need.


We are Google ads certified search specialists and have outstanding conversion results for our clients.

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Whilst its true Google do have people to help you set up and manage campains yourself, they also tend to help you spend your money!

As Google’s aim is to generate revenue, its not always helpful in acheiving an good ROI

The first thing to note is that we dont own the account, unlike some companies who then pass on inflated cost per click or cost per aquisition charges.

If you dont already have an account we help you set this up and then invite us to manage the account.

You have access at all times and fully own all of the account information.

Billing for clicks generated is taken directly by Google and we charge a fixed management fee for managing the account.

Not at all, we work with a number of different businesses outside of insurance and our skills equally translate across multiple industries.

Not long!

You should see results in the first month of management however results tend to improve over time as we gather more data and optimise your account.

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